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Alderbury & Whaddon Parish News July 2022

Summer hit its zenith last month and the mercury has been rising steadily.  As I write this, the sky is clear blue and cloudless, temperatures are soaring into the upper-twenties and swifts are screeching overhead.  Sadly, I can’t really enjoy this lovely weather as I have finally succumbed to the dreaded COVID-19.  It knocked me sideways, so glad I have been fully jabbed but it serves as a reminder that infection rates are on the rise again, so be careful everyone.  Believe me you don’t want this!

Buzz Action Summer Activity Sessions for Young People
The Council’s lead on youth issues, Cllr Kim Diprose has been working with Wiltshire Council to arrange a programme of four events for teenagers at the Recreation Ground over the Summer holidays.  The events are scheduled to take place at 6.30pm on: 28th July, 2nd August, 4th August and 9th August.   The Parish Council is funding two of the sessions and Wiltshire Council the other two.  The sessions are free and will feature all sorts of fun activities provided by the Buzz Action Foundation.   If you are aged between 11-16 Just rock up and join in on any or all the days, it promises to be a right old laugh.

Southampton Road Allotments
Last month I reported on the Southampton Road Allotments well I am pleased that things are moving in a positive direction.   After putting our views to Formula Land (Alderbury) I spoke to Mr Robert Leckie, Director of the company – the new owners of the allotment land and the Council’s new licensee.  The conversation was very constructive, and Mr Leckie expressed a desire to fix the issue quickly and in a way that suits everyone.  He explained that he would develop a proposal and agreed to meet with the Council and representatives of the allotment holders to discuss this once available.  I’m hopeful of some positive news to report soon.

Burglaries and Thefts
PC Pete Jung from Wiltshire Police filled us in on a recent burglary in the village.  The criminals had broken into a house in broad daylight and ransacked the place, stealing £80 cash.  This was most distressing for the owner (one of our own councillors as it happens) but she was OK and full of praise for the Police.  There have been a spate of similar burglaries and petty thefts in surrounding villages so be on your watch and consider upgrading your home security – opportunistic criminals select properties that appear unprotected and skip those with strong locks, cameras, and alarms.

Wildlife Friendly Alderbury Project

Our lead for all things green and wildlife friendly, Cllr Lawrence, is involved in organising the next phase of the wildlife project that will see hedgerow planting at Oakwood Grove Open Space; a mini-forest at Spiders’ Island and some wildflower planting at Waleran Close and along Southampton Road. The Council has £1,500 set aside for these works and we will be calling on the assistance of our friendly band of volunteers in the Autumn to help once again.  While on the theme of wildlife, the Council has received a very kind offer of bat boxes from the Salisbury Men’s Shed.  The shed can make the boxes for the cost of materials only so if you are interested, please let me know.  I think I will get one myself.

Junction of Firs Road and Woodlea Grange
At our last meeting, Wiltshire Councillor Britton asked the Council to consider a road safety issue referred to him by a local resident. Because of the Firs Road/Woodlea Grange junction design there is very poor definition of the boundary between the footway and the highway making it particularly dangerous for children on the way to and from school.  Car parking around the junction (mainly school drop-off and pick-up) further reduces visibility and adds to the danger.  After discussion between Cllr Britton and the local highways engineer, it has been suggested that yellow lines would help define the junction and remove parked cars, improving safety for road users and pedestrians.  The Council noted that a traffic scheme that is being planned for the pupil entrance at the school (including a 20 mph limit) and we asked WC highways engineer to include Woodlea Grange entrance as part of the scheme they are working on

Junction of Clarendon Road and Southampton Road
The Council has been contacted by concerned neighbours about dangerous parking on the South side of Clarendon Road just before the junction with Southampton Road.  The cars park half on the pavement and half on the carriageway causing vehicles approaching the junction to pull out into oncoming traffic on a blind bend.  The Council decided to ask the LHFIG for double yellow lines to be painted on the road in this location and to look at any other measures that might ease the parking issue.

Planning Applications
At our meeting in June we looked at two applications.  The first involved cutting down trees at 3 Silverwood.  The Council would prefer the trees to be retained and diseased materials pruned out to encourage recovery. However, we will be guided by the advice of the Council’s Tree Officer. If the trees are too far diseased then the Council would not object to felling as a last resort.  The second application was yet another submission for a new house at Caynton Lawns in Oak Drive and yet again the Council has maintained its strong objections.  The main sticking point is the access which is just not adequate to support any more development.  A solution could be achieved by running the access inside the hedge along the gardens of Caynton Lawns and we fail to see why this was not proposed.

Openreach Fibre Broadband Poles
I have been getting quite a few messages about the sudden sprouting of telegraph poles all over the village.  The poles are bringing fibre optic broadband to the village, which is a good thing, but the poles seem to be appearing without any consultation and in the most bizarre locations.  After a bit of digging, I have found out how you can submit your views to Openreach.  Use this web address to access the Openreach Pole Objection Form:                                                                                                                                       

Date of Next Meeting
A quick reminder, the Council takes a short recess during August and then meets next on 6th September – for details of the venue, agenda and future meetings please check out our website.  Why not come along and see local democracy in action.

Steve Milton
Parish Clerk, Alderbury Parish Council
PO BOX 2366, Salisbury, SP2 2NY


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