Alderbury News – May

Interesting morning.  Spent an hour gazing skyward, as Simon Watts from Hurdcott Landscapes hoisted our new speed indicator device up at the tennis courts.  Batteries were fully charged and the device was tested by the Chair of the Council, Elaine Hartford, who passed at a respectful 29 mph.  Fingers crossed it helps reduce the speed of traffic coming into the village from Salisbury.  The SID will be moved to other locations around the village over the year.

Wildlife Friendly Alderbury

I have just got home and hosed off my wellies after a fascinating walk around the village with Nick and Chelsie from Wiltshire Wildlife Trust’s Wild Landscapes Team.  Together with members of the parish council we visited sites that the Council hopes to enhance as part of the Wildlife Friendly Alderbury Project.  We are hoping to hook up with the Great Big Green Week 8 – 26 September, 2021 – watch out for more information. Our leaflet campaign seems to have paid off and we now have a growing band of eager volunteers itching to get their spades flying.  The project will be launched on Thursday and everything kicks off as our dedicated Facebook page is unveiled.  That will keep everyone in touch with the project and all things wild and wonderful in Alderbury and Whaddon – hop on board. 

Village Hall
It’s done, finished, and all ready for opening.  After nearly eight months, the newly refurbished and extended village hall has been handed back to the delighted Trustees.  The hall played host to the election on 6th May and this week’s parish council meeting will take place in the main hall on 18th.  The builders, Greendale, have done a brilliant job and the new facilities are really a credit to their professionalism and the excellent plans drawn up by local architect’s Barclay Phillips.  The project has been very well managed and came in bang-on schedule and bang-on budget.  Just brilliant.

Election Update
Congratulations to Richard Britton who was returned with another healthy majority at last week’s elections.  Sadly, the Police and Crime Commissioner election will have to be rerun later in the Summer after it came to light that the winning candidate – Jonathon Seed – was disqualified due to a prior conviction.   No such problem for your local parish councillors, all were returned unopposed and will get back to work this week.

This month we have been scrutinising proposals for 50 houses on the old football pitches at Junction Road.  The Council was very unhappy about the scheme now proposed and has expressed a very strong objection.  The Council feels the access arrangements are not adequate; the design of the houses is too urban and just not up to scratch; drainage issues need to be looked at again to avoid run-off onto the football club’s fantastic new facilities and not nearly enough thought has been given to promoting biodiversity.  We hope the developers will go back to the drawing board and have another think about the plans – they can do much better.   The Council is supporting the new pre-school application but deferred submitting any views pending sight of the detailed plans.    Several other minor applications were supported including extensions at Marteri in Castle Lane and Alma and Peri-Lydo both in Firs Road.   Details are now available on the Council’s brand-new website.

Around the parish

At our last meeting, Parish Chair, Elaine Hartford reported on a number of ongoing issues that have been causing some minor irritation.  The light illuminating the school warning sign on Southampton Road is on the blink and has been reported to Wiltshire Council, hopefully that can be fixed quickly.  The broken panel at the bus stop in Whaddon has been repaired, which is good news now that the rain has returned.  Mr Fencing has been down at the Village Hall repairing the broken fencing behind the noticeboard and that is now back up and solid.  Finally, the Clerk has fired off a very sharp email to Wiltshire Council calling for the ongoing fly-tipping issue in Shute End to be sorted out, it really is causing a headache for the local house-holders. 

If you see anything you think we should know about ping a message to the Clerk.

That’s it for now, stay safe everyone.

Steve Milton
Parish Clerk, Alderbury Parish Council
PO BOX 2366, Salisbury, SP2 2NY

2 thoughts on “Alderbury News – May

  1. Hi Steve,
    There’s some Japanese knotweed growing on the roadside grass verge and into the hedge opposite Silverwood.
    The tennis club have been spraying with glyphosate weed killer since last summer and it’s now looking pretty unhealthy and we’ll continue with this.
    I did report to local authority on website (as it’s the roadside) last summer but heard absolutely zero (just auto-acknowledgement).
    Not sure if the parish council need to know?


    1. Hi Hilary,
      I will raise this with the Council next week. If the Knotweed is on private land then it is the property owner’s responsibility to deal with it. If it is on highway land then Wiltshire Council will need to take action. If it is on APC land we will arrange for its removal.



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